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1.       What is pension?

Ø  Pension is a social security scheme given to a retired govt employee in recognition of his services for the government.

2.       Definition Of Pension as per Assam Services (Pension) Rules, 1969?

Ø  As per provisions of The Assam Services (Pension) Rules, 1969 the regular Government servants those who are in State Government service as on 31st January, 2005 and the services of those employees which are regularized/provincialized  on or after 1st February, 2005 with retrospective effect from a date prior to 1st February, 2005 are entitled to get pension for their satisfactory services render towards the State Government of Assam


3.       What is the eligibility for getting a pension?

Ø  A permanent govt employee rendering not less than 10 years  of service, &

Temporary govt employee rendering 20 years of service or if confirmed in service are eligible for getting pensions.   

OM no: PPG(P)196/92/35 Dtd 12/09/96 & PPG (P)196/92/61 Dtd 06/09/2003.

4.       What is the source from which pension is paid?

Ø  It is paid from the Consolidated Fund of India.


5.       How is pension calculated?

Ø  As per the Rop 2008,

Pension= 50% of last  emolument drawn by a pensioner immediately before retirement or 50% of the last 10 month average emolument, whichever is beneficial to the G/S

Minimum pension is Rs3000 & maximum pension is Rs 27500.


6.       What is the gross qualifying service?

Ø  The period from date of joining in the govt service to date of superannuation is the gross qualifying service.

7.       What are the conditions for a Qualifying service?

Ø  To qualify for pension the service of an employee should conform to the following 3 condition:-

1.       The service must be under government.

2.       The employment must be substantive & of permanent nature.

3.       The service must be paid by government from Consolidated Fund of state

 rule 31 of AS (P) R 1969.


8.       What are the pensionery benefits which a pensioners is entitled even if he retires while in suspension or at a period when DP is still going on.

Ø  He is entitled for personal pension & permission DCRG.

9.       What is the age of superannuation

Ø  For a govt employee it is 60 years. But for the teaching staffs of Medical, engineering & agricultural universities it is 62 years.

10.   What is death cum retirement gratuity (DCRG)?

Ø  DCRG is the amount admissible to all the government servant who retires after completing  5 years of qualifying  service & have been confirmed against a sanctioned post

 (Rule 135 (i))

If a G/S has superannuated or incapacitated by completing 20 years of continuous service without having been conformed, he is also entitled for DCRG as like the confirmed G/S

PPG(P) 196/62/61 DTD 06/09/2003.

11.   Who can claim DCRG if the above category G/S dies?

Ø  If a pension has completed 5 years of service & confirmed dies then DCRG is paid against whom nomination has been executed by the G/S when he was in service.

It may be more than one persons but must be a family member of G/S pensions , provided that if at the time  of making the nomination the officer has a family , the nomination shall not be in favour of any person  or persons other then  the members of the family ( rule 136 (2)).

12.   What is ‘family’ in case of DCRG

Ø  Family all the family member of the G/S & includes.

1. Spouse, 2.wife,   3.Unmarried Daughter, 4.son

If there are no such surviving members, DCRG  will be sanctioned in favors of any or all of the members stated below:-

1.       Widowed daughter,

2.       Brother below the age of 18 yrs & unmarried sisters,

3.       Father, &

4.       Mother.

(Rule135 (2) read with Rule 136(1))

13.   How is DCRG calculated? What is the maximum limit?

14.   DCRG = ( Basic pay + DA)* 6 month period of Q.S.


Max limit = 700000 w.e.f 1/1/2006

15.   What is service gratuity?

Ø  The amount which is paid to the govt who has completed 5 years of continuous service but has then 1o years of service is called service gratuity . It is calculated at the rate of half of last monthly emolument for every completed 6 monthly period. (rule 108)

16.   What is the minimum amount of gratuity received by the family if the G/S while in service?

Ø  12 times of emoluments last drawn ( rule 135 (3)).

17.   Definition of ‘family’ for being entiled to family pension?

Ø  Family includes-

a.       Wife in case of male officer,

b.      Husband in case of female officer,

c.       Minor sons( until he attains the age of 18 years),

d.      Unmarried minor Daughter.( until she attains the age of 21 years or marriage whichever is earlier) rule 173 (i)(ii).


18.   What dose children include as per the Assam Service (P)  Rules, 1969?

Ø  It includes:-

a.       Children adopted legally before retirement,

b.      Children born before or after retirement.

19.   Dose person can continue with the pensionary benefits even if found of misappapiation of funds after retirement?

Ø  Disciplinary proceeding will be taken against such persons under Rule 21 of Assam Services (Pension) Rules, 1969, if such act of misappropriation is known by the authority within 4 yrs of retirement. And if found guilty the recovery will be done from his pension by deducting his Dearness Relief amount.


20.   What is non qualifying service (NQS)?

Ø  The period of service rendered by G/S this is not counted towards Pension is called NQS :-

A.      Period of Boy’s service.

B.       Period of suspension if not treated as on duty.

C.      EOL taken without medical certificate.

D.      The period of service beyond the date of superannuation on re employment.

E.       The period of over stay in service by and the date of superannuation if it is not regularized by the competent authority.


21.   What is the family pension?

Ø  Family pension is the admissible amount to the family in case of death of a G/S either of regular or temporary employment in a pensionable establishment. It is also admissible when the death of G/S takes place after retirement, if at the time of death the retired G/S was in receipt of compensation pension, in valid pension,retiring or superannuation pension.


22.   What is the minimum year of service to be  by G/S so that family is entitled for family pension?

Ø  1 year continuous service.

23.   What is family pension (FP) amount entitled by a spouse it both husband & wife were a G/S?

Ø  The living/surviving partner is entitled to draw only the basic pension as the amount of F.P i.e the amount of dearness relief & medical allowance is excluded.


24.    What is provisional pension?

Ø  The amount of pension sanctioned by the head of the department / administrative deptt/ appointing authority to the G/S on provisional basis until the  final pension payment order(PPO) is issued by the competent authority , when it is delayed due to some administrative reasons or if any D.P is going on over the retired G/S.

25.   What is voluntary retirement?

Ø  Retirement taken before the age of superannuation but after 20years of rendering continuous service or at the age of 55 years by a G/S is called VRS.

26.   How pension is calculated for VRS cases?

Ø  As per ROP, 2008   full amount of pension is received if a pension renders 25 years of service. Hence, if VRS is taken before 25 years of service the amounts of pension is reduced on proportionate basis. (However, 5years   weightage is given & added to the Q.S of the incumbent )

27.   What are the different types of pensions?

Ø  Superannuation Pension,

Ø  Compensation  Pension,

Ø  Invalid Pension,

Ø  Retiring Pension

28.    What is Superannuation Pension?

Ø  Superannuation Pension is granted to a Government servant who retired after attaining the age of 60 years.

29.   What is Compensation Pension?

Ø  Compensation Pension is granted to a Government servant to compensate the lost service on discharge owing to the abolition of posts.

30.   What is Invalid Pension?

Ø  Invalid Pension is awarded on retirement from Government declared permanently incapacitated for the public service due to bodily or mental infirmity.

31.   What is Retiring Pension?

Ø  Retiring Pension is awarded to Government servant who renders at least 20 years of qualifying services or on attains 5o years of age. This is commonly known as Voluntary Retirement.  A Government servant who renders at least 25 years of qualifying services or on attains 5o years of age may grant pension by the Government under the provision of Rule 56 of FRs & SRs. This is known Compulsory Retirement not as a penalty.