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Government Pensioner

Pension is the retirement benefit granted to a Government servant on account of the service rendered by him to the Government. Following are the benefits admissible to a govt servant on retirement from public service:

  • Pension or gratuity
  • Death cum retirement gratuity
  • Family pension( after death of Pensioner)
  • Cash equivalent to leave salary in respect of unutilized earned leave on the date of retirement

In case of death while in service in a regular pensionable establishment, the family of a govt. servant is entitled to :

  • Family pension
  • Death –cum- retirement gratuity
  • Cash equivalent to leave salary in respect of unutilized earned leave on the date of retirement.

In order to get pension monthly after retirement till death , the govt servant must render minimum 25 years of qualifying service. In between 10 and 25 years the amount of pension will be such proportion of full pension as the qualifying service renders before 25 years.

If qualifying service is less than 10 years lump sum gratuity at the rate of half months emoluments of six monthly period of qualifying service is paid. This is called service gratuity in lieu of pension.

The full pension cannot , however, be given as a matter of course. The service of the govt servant must be approved .Future good conduct is also an implied condition for grant of pension. Govt. has the right of withholding or withdrawing a pension or part of it, if the pensioners is convicted of serious crime or be guilty of grave misconduct.


The service of an officer does not qualify for pension if it does not conform to the following conditions:

  • The Govt. servant must have completed 18 years of age
  • The service must be under the government .He must be appointed and his duties and pay must be regulated by Govt.
  • The employment must be substantive and permanent , but continuous temporary service under the state govt. followed without interruption by confirmation in the same or any other post shall count in full as qualifying service except period of service in non-pensionable establishment and paid from contingency.
  • The service must be paid by govt from the consolidated fund of the state. Service paid from any other local funds, trust fund, grant etc does not qualify for pension. Services of part time govt servant, service paid from contract grants, contracts service, service in non pensionable posts, municipal grant institutions etc do not qualify for pension. Foreign service will count towards pension if leave salary and pension contribution are paid monthly to govt. otherwise that period of foreign service will be deducted from the qualifying service.


Following points to be noted for calculation of Pension :

  • Date of birth
  • Date of appointment
  • Date of confirmation
  • Date of commencement of qualifying service which is normally date of appointment, if boy service i.e. below 18 years this should be ignored.
  • Date of retirement/superannuation.

Delay in pension involves untold hardship and misery. To ensure timely payment of pension, the Head of Office or other authority responsible for preparing the pension papers will initiate the pension case two years before the date of retirement of the Government servant. This process should be completed in good time at any rate not later than eight months in advance of the date of retirement of the Government servant. During the next two months actual pension papers will be prepared along with all other formalities completed and sent to the Directorate of Pension/Office of the Accountant General (A&E) for processing of the pension case and issue of pension payment order one month ahead of retirement.

As such, the Government servant should submit formal application for pension one year in advance of the date of retirement. Form No.1, Form No.1A, Form No.2 and Form 19 comprise the complete set of forms for applying for normal superannuation pension. A government servant may download these forms, fill-up the relevant information as required in these forms and submit the same to the Head of Office for necessary action.


Superannuation Pension :

A. Form No.1 : Form for Pension and Gratuity
B. Form No.1A: Particulars of the retiring Government servant
C. Form No.2 : Details of Family of the retiring Government servant
D. Form 19 : Form of letter for forwarding Pension Paper to AG/DP

Family Pension/Life Time Arrear (FP/LTA) Pension

A. Revised Form No.10: This form has to be filled up by the applicant for grant of FP to be submitted to Head of Office of the deceased government servant.
B. Revised Form No.20: Form for accessing and authorising the payment of Family Pension and DCRG when a Government servant dies while in service. Some personal details of the deceased Government servant may be filled up by the applicant for family pension. The other details required will be completed by the Head of Office.
C. Revised Form No.21: Form of letter for forwarding papers for grant of Family Pension and DCRG to the family of a government servant who dies while in service.
D. Revised Form No.3: Form of application for grant of DCRG on death of a government servant. This form is to be filled up seperately by each claimant for DCRG.
E. Revised Form No.9: Form for intimation for Family Pension.
F. Revised Form No.5 : Form of intimation for Death-cum-retirement gratuity in cases where valid nomination exists.
G. Revised Form No.6: Form of intimation for Death-cum-retirement gratuity where valid nomination does not exist.
H. Form No.22: Form for application of Special Family Pension.

Commutation Pension

A. Form “A” for commutation of pension.

4. Miscellaneous Form

A. Consent form: Request for assessment of Excess drawal if any and consent thereon to recover the same.

Pension related forms can be downloaded from the links below:-
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FormA.pdf163.95 KBswf-image
FORM 1.pdf7.76 KBswf-image
FORM 1A.pdf9.11 KBswf-image
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